Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 china synergy program - CSP9

Dear CSP-ers, and Chinese Friends...

How are you? Hope you everythings fine.

I am happy to share with you that CSP9 recruitment has started on 1 December 2007. I hope you will be able to take part in spreading the recruitment message within your friends and community, either within your campus, or any fellow mates with the similar background as you. The new website and online application system will be ready on 1 Dec (HK Time) by accessing You will also find the photos of CSP1-8 and some reflections of our delegates.

To let more overseas university students with Chinese origin to Learn More about China and Chinese Culture, please dont hesitate to introduce the upcoming CSP9 to any of them who is interested in the Programme. You can share your own experience by the following ways, for example,

1. Posting the CSP website link ( on your Myspace or Facebook group, and to share your CSP experience on it as a great endorsement;

2. Introducing the Programme to your friends in person, by showing them your nice photos taken during the CSP trip in Mainland China;

3. Posting the promotion materials within your campus, e.g. your department, the Student Union, society rooms and common rooms, etc. (Poster will be mailed to you as required).

The above are a few suggestions only. If you have any other great idea for the CSP promotion, please feel free to contact us. Your participation will be very much helpful. Any latest news about CSP activities will be informed from time to time. Keep in touch!

You can contact CSP at

Tel: (852) 2117 0326 Fax: (852) 2536 0605

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

CSP6 App Starts

Dear all,

CSP6 will be a great event which is NOT to be missed. Plz forward to as many chinese stud & chinese society as possible.
Some photo links on the pass event at the bottom of this page.

Kong of MMU/Uni of Tokyo
CSP5 alumni

-----Original Message-----
From: CSP Alumni []
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 2:52 PM
To: CSP Alumni
Subject: Application for CSP6 starts

Dear CSP alumni,

The 6th China Synergy Programme For Outstanding Youth

I have the pleasure to announce that The China Synergy Programme for
Outstanding Youth (CSP) will be launched again in Summer 2005 and the
application for The 6th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth (CSP6)
has already started. This meaningful event is organized by the Organizing
Committee of the CSP and all eight institutions of higher education in Hong
Kong also actively take part as participating institutions. This year, The
University of Hong Kong will serve as the Secretariat for the CSP6.

Furthermore, the Hon. TUNG Chee-hwa, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong
Special Administration Region, The People Republic of China, will be the
Patron and The Hon. Henry FOK Ying-tung, GBM is the Honorary Delegation
Leader. Dr. Alice K.Y. LAM, Chairman, University Grants Committee, is the
Delegation Leader, and Professor Lap-Chee TSUI, Vice-Chancellor of the
University of Hong Kong, Professor C.F. LEE, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the
University of Hong Kong and Ms. LEUNG Kwok-Ching, Founder of CSP, Chairman,
Belford Jewellery, Chinaramic Enterprise Ltds. , will be the Deputy
Delegation Leaders for the CSP 6.

The 6th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth will be held from 10
July to 27 July 2005, starting from Hong Kong and then proceeding to
Guangdong, Xian, Beijing and Shanghai. The applicants should be ethnic
Chinese (paternal or maternal origin) and full time undergraduates and
postgraduates. The Hong Kong Organizing Committee will select 180
outstanding university students to form the delegation.

The Organizer will cover large part of the tripfs costs including
round-trip transportation between Hong Kong and other cities to be visited,
meals and accommodation.? Successful applicants are required to pay a
non-refundable fee of US200 dollars and their own outward and homeward bound
flights to Hong Kong, airport taxes, visa fees, additional travel and
medical insurance to show their commitment to the Programme.

The closing date for application is 31 January 2005 both for submission of
on-line application form through Internet at HYPERLINK
"" and copies of
documentary proofs by mail as postmarked.? I should be grateful if you could
promote this meaningful programme to eligible candidates. Details of the
programme, application procedures and selection criteria could be obtained
from the CSP website:

Enquiries and requests for publicity materials are mostly welcomed.? Please
direct all enquiries to the CSP email address:

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and support.

Yours sincerely,
Prof C F Lee
Secretariat General of CSP 6
The University of Hong Kong
For and on behalf of the Organizing Committee


Friday, October 01, 2004

This is a pic from J Mau, and the caption was "The Baddest DJ in Hong Kong"...... I followed that up with .... "This guy is actually Snoop Doggggg's cousin", but notice in the background above the latern that there is a dude standing there, almost ghost like!!!!

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